I really am a manatee.

February 9, 2009 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

My ego took a big hit this weekend.

First, I asked Brad to check out the strange noise our glider chair was making.  I have used the glider chair every day since Alissa arrived.  Roughly, I would estimate that Alissa and I have averaged around 1.5 hours in that chair for the last 700 or so days (and nights), so let’s say I’ve spent 1,050 hours rocking.  During the past two weeks, it’s been making a weird clicking sound every time I rocked back.  Brad grabbed his can of WD-40, thinking it probably just needed to be oiled up.  Instead, he discovered that a support bar along the bottom had cracked.  Being the handy dude that he is, he glued the bar back together and reinforced it with something.  (He told me what he did to it; I have to admit I wasn’t listening very closely.)  It’s working fine now.

A couple of weeks ago, Brad also put new pads on the bottoms of the chair legs at the kitchen table.  We put pads on them to keep from scratching the kitchen floor when we pull the chairs out.  The pads were working fine on all of the chairs but the one I most frequently sit on.  These were not sticking and kept coming off.  Brad took some Super Glue and glued them on to that chair.  Funny that it was just my chair that was having the problem.

Then Saturday we were at Dan & Carey’s for Brett’s birthday party.  I was sitting at the dining room table when – CRACK! – the back of the dining room chair I was sitting in suddenly broke.  Granted, the table and chairs were secondhand, and upon closer inspection we could tell that it had been glued before.  However, this was the third chair problem I had caused.

A pregnant girl can only stand so many similar catastrophes.  It’s hard enough to feel cute and put together when you’re 27 weeks pregnant and you can’t see anything under your belly; it’s even harder when the chairs you regularly sit in keep breaking.  If another one breaks I’m going to have to resort to sitting on the floor.  And then I’ll have a whole other blog entry about the perils of fat pregnant girls getting up off the floor.


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