I can keep a child alive. Plants are a different story.

March 11, 2009 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

zinnias1The recent spate of warm weather got my blood pumping.  It’s a spring ritual for me: the weather gets nice, and I immediately begin to dream of growing beautiful plants and flowers. I read gardening books, I look at flowers online, I peruse the gardening section of the Home Depot around the corner.  I would love nothing more than to transform our barren backyard into a green, flowering oasis.  It would be wonderful to grow my own vegetables, especially the luscious red tomatoes I love so much.

Unfortunately, I have a black thumb.

I kill almost every plant that I touch.  I think the problem is partly related to my short attention span.  I start off strong with the flowers: I buy them, and pot them or plant them, and I anxiously wait for them to grow.  And then I lose interest.  I forget to water, sometimes for a week at a time.  And all my plants languish and die, mocking my lack of skills in this area.

I have a reference book I love to look at.  It’s called Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book.  It shows all sorts of different trees, bushes, plants, and flowers, and explains all about them: what geographical areas they work best in, whether to plant in shade or sun, height, width, care, etc.  When I read the book, it starts my itch up all over again.

This spring I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to start a plant in a container from seed and see if I can keep it alive the entire season.  The great thing about seeds is that they’re so cheap.  At least I won’t have much invested if when I kill my plant.  I’m sure by June I’ll be left with a rotting carcass on my back deck.  If you visit in August, it will probably still be there.


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