I just might float away.

March 18, 2009 at 7:23 am Leave a comment

Last Friday I had an ulstrasound.  This was ordered because the ultrasound at 20 weeks showed that the baby’s head was small in comparison to the rest of her body.  The doctor wanted to do a follow-up around 32 weeks, after the baby was fully developed.

This ultrasound also showed the baby’s head to be a bit smaller, but within the acceptable range, so all was declared well.  It was hard to get a great glimpse of her; she is still lying transverse (side-to-side) and was facing my back, so it was difficult to get a shot of her face.  The ultrasound tech marveled at her long legs, a trait she gets from me and she will share with her sister.

While I was at the office, I asked to see the doctor because I had started having contractions the night before and was worrying about it.  One of the things that I appreciate about my doctor’s office is their ability to work us in that same day if we need it.  I may not get to see Dr. Halabi, since she only works part-time and job shares with another doctor.  However, the Dr. Jacobsen is a younger female with small children, just like Dr. Halabi, and I feel just as comfortable seeing her.

Dr. Jacobsen did a brief exam and checked my ultrasound results.  The ulstrasound showed that my amniotic fluid was running low.  Combined with the contractions I’d been having, she deduced that I was dehydrated.  Her “prescription” was for me to drink a gallon of water a day.

A gallon of water every day???  That’s 128 ounces of water in a bladder that can only hold about 2 ounces at a time.  However, I’m willing to concede my time to trips to the bathroom if it will let the contractions stop until it’s the right time.

So I’ve been trying, but it’s hard to gauge just how much I’ve had to drink.  Yesterday I bought a gallon of drinking water at Dillons for 68 cents.  I intend to refill the gallon jug every day so I can monitor my water intake.  I’ve just started on my first 20 ounces today, and I’m already daunted by how much more I have to go.  Wish me luck.


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