My bubble has burst.

March 18, 2009 at 7:35 am 1 comment

Evidently I’ve been deluding myself.  I have been convinced that going from one child to two children had to be easier than going from no children to one child.  After all, I’ve been through this before, right?  I know what to expect, not just from labor and delivery but from teething and feedings and sleeping habits (or non-sleeping habits, in the case of my child).

However, in the past month I have had at least three mothers tell me how difficult the transition from one child to two was for them.  These are all mothers who had their second child when their first was about two, as Alissa will be when I have this baby.  One mother told me she was able to get some “me” time with one child; with two children, she kissed that me time goodbye.  Another told me how she broke down and sobbed in the middle of the mall one day because she realized she had forgotten both formula for her baby and pull-ups for her older child.  She was completely overwhelmed by the amount of organization and packing it took to take two children out on a casual outing.

Couple these stories with my own looming anxieties, and it’s no wonder I can’t sleep at night.  (Well, that and the 128 ounces of water I have to drink every day.  See my previous post for more about that.)  I know it will be a challenge to coordinate feeding schedules and nap times.  I have visions of not leaving the house for the next year, since someone will always be eating / sleeping / needing to be changed.  We’ve just gotten Alissa to sleep through the night pretty regularly, but now we will be back to middle of the night feedings and me sleepwalking through the days.

It gives me a new appreciation for the mothers of multiples.  How do they manage to get everything done during the day without losing themselves or their minds in the process?  It took me a full year after Alissa was born to feel like “normal” Amy again, and even then my definition of who I was when I was normal changed drastically. Someone once told me that life after children returns to normal, but it’s always a new normal, a new routine, a new life.

After this baby is born, if I forget to call you or send you an email, or even if I forget your name, please be patient with me.  It’s not personal.  It’s just that I’m trying to find my new normal.


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  • 1. Danica  |  March 19, 2009 at 9:41 am

    It is a big adjustment and does require you to be open to a “new normal”, but you will adjust just fine! I think it was much harder going from 2 to 3 (and 4)! At least when you have 2 you still have a hand for each of them, you can still hold on to them. When you have more than 2, you just have to trust that a couple of them will stay beside you and say, not take off in the WalMart parking lot-which, by the way, has never happened to me before!! HA!


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