Why I should not be on Facebook.

March 23, 2009 at 6:52 am Leave a comment

1.  It’s a huge time suck.

2.  Do I really want people I don’t know that well to see and be able to comment on my status? I mean, it’s odd that I haven’t talked to some of these people in 15 years and suddenly they are able to provide commentary on my life.

3.  It feeds my envious side when I see old friends and they look fantastic.  I want someone to look at my picture and think that about me!

4.  It also feeds my evil side when I see old flames and they have lost all their hair.

5.  I really don’t want to know that much about some people.

6.  Ignoring a friend request makes me feel bad.  As does deleting all the other requests I get.  I can’t handle the guilt.

7.  Did I mention that it’s a huge time suck?

8.  Other users are able to post pictures of me from when I had bad hair.  Oh, wait, that’s most of the time…

9.  Friends can see me when I’m online and send me instant messages.  Even when I just ducked in to check people’s status and have no time for chatting.

10.  It’s horribly addictive.   But do you think I’m going to delete my profile and leave Facebook any time soon?  Not a chance.


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