Is it May yet?

April 14, 2009 at 7:18 am Leave a comment

I’m getting cranky.

Brad may disagree with you, but I think I’ve been fairly even keel emotionally during this pregnancy.  However, this week I have started getting surly.  I’m almost 37 weeks, which means I still have 3 weeks left until my estimated due date.

At this point, three weeks might as well be three years, the way I’m feeling.

And that makes me grumpy.  I’m tired of being stuffed up.  I’m sick of peeing every 15 minutes.  My pelvis has been sore since early in the second trimester.  The baby has her feet in my ribs and is constantly kicking me in the side.

I’m also having trouble keeping up with Alissa.  It’s as if she turned two and a switch was thrown: let’s see how we can torment Mommy!  I’ll get her undressed to change her diaper or her clothes and she’ll take off with her naked self, running into another room while I’m still sitting on the floor.  Then I have to haul my butt up, go catch her, pin her down, wrestle her into her clothes…OY.  It tries my patience.

Physical limitations are not something I’m used to.  Right now, bending over to put my shoes on or pick stuff up off the floor is a challenge.  I’m looking forward to getting back into exercise and being able to clean the house without taking a break every ten minutes.

I know it will be worth it when we have the baby here.  And I know as soon as we have her here, I will wonder why I was so anxious to get her out of me when it’s so much harder to care for two babies.  And I know I’ll be a different kind of grumpy when I haven’t had any sleep and Alissa is still testing my patience.  However, at least I’ll be able to tie my shoes.


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