Words that strike fear in the heart of parents

May 22, 2009 at 7:26 am Leave a comment

Alissa has a new favorite saying this week. 

“I do it, Mommy.”

This short sentence applies to everything.  Turning lights on & off, getting in her carseat, brushing her teeth, putting clothes on and taking them off – Miss Independent thinks she is now capable of doing everything by herself.  I think it’s partly a result of being two and partly a result of being my daughter, the original Miss Independent.

It is taking a lot of patience on my part, because letting Alissa do these things on her own means everything takes more time.  I’ve already been slowed down by Ashley’s arrival; why do they not tell you that a second child means everything will take at least three times longer than it did before?  It’s so much easier and faster when Alissa just lets me do it “for” her. 

However, I know it’s important to let her do these things.  It’s all a part of growing up.  And I know in the long run it will make life easier for me.  But it also hurts my heart that my “baby” is now a toddler and can do some of these things for herself.  Where have the past two years gone? 

If you see Alissa walking around with mismatched clothes or her shoes are slightly askew on her feet, don’t laugh.  She probably had to “do it herself.”


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