The beginning of a long journey.

June 4, 2009 at 4:04 pm Leave a comment

You know that line “a bowl full of jelly”?  It doesn’t just refer to Santa Claus.

Even at my thinnest – a miraculous 127 pounds at the age of 18, before my metabolism plummeted off the radar in my 20’s – I had a tummy.  I blame it on a variety of factors: 1) Genetics.  Claycamp women tend to be apple-shaped, gaining most of our weight in our tummies instead of in the hips and thighs.  2) An aversion to crunches or any kind of core workout.  3) A love of all things carbohydrate, especially bread.

But now, after two children, my tummy especially rivals that of St. Nick’s.  In slightly more than three weeks, I have lost the 21 pounds I gained while pregnant with Ashley.  I had a goal of only gaining 20 pounds with this pregnancy, so I am proud that I weighed in at 40 weeks only one pound over goal.

It shames me, though, that I started out this pregnancy at my highest weight EVER.  There are many contributing factors, including the fact that I am home and close the fridge and goody-pantry most of the day.  In the quiet of afternoon naptime, I can hear all of the items in the kitchen seductively calling to me, and I have had no willpower to resist them.  I have a husband who enjoys carbs and sugar even more than I do, and I have kept pace with his eating habits.  Unfortunately, while his metabolism has slowed down, it has not yet completely betrayed him, while mine needs to be featured as a missing person on the back of a milk carton.

I also blame my weight gain over the past two years on erratic sleep habits.  I have read several articles about the impact of sleep deprivation on weight; specifically, people who consistently get fewer than eight hours of sleep are at a higher risk for obesity and high blood pressure.  When you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, your body doesn’t have enough time to recover and restore itself the way it should.  Also, a good night’s sleep increases your energy and helps to curb your appetite and cravings for junk food.  As someone who has had no energy and an insatiable craving for junk over the past couple of years, I am confident that the studies reporting these findings are accurate.

The other thing that has contributed to my lackadaisical attitude towards my weight after my first pregnancy was knowing that I was going to be pregnant.  Deep down I didn’t see the point of losing weight and getting in shape only to gain the weight back during my second pregnancy.  Not a healthy attitude, I know, and it contributed to my high blood pressure and borderline high blood sugar while I was pregnant with Ashley.

So at three weeks postpartum I have made a vow to get healthy.  Not just lose weight – which is part of the plan – but really get healthy.  In addition to my weight, I have fought my rising cholesterol numbers over the past few years.  I also have the added bonus of a genetic tendency towards diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, all of which can be mitigated by a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll be writing more about this in the coming days/weeks/months.  I’m sure there will be many blog entries from me about setbacks and frustrations, but hopefully there will also be a few successes along the way.


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Oh, happy day. I blame the Oreos.

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