Life with Headwound Harry

August 3, 2009 at 9:25 am 4 comments

Alissa, my two-year-old, is a klutz.  I wish I could say I don’t know where she gets it, but I fear it’s from me.  I am constantly running into things and tripping over my feet.  In the past two years I’ve fallen down stairs at least three times.

Alissa’s problem is that she is all energy and no attention span.  She is constantly on the go-go-go, and doesn’t pay attention to where she’s go-go-going.  I can’t tell you how many times a day I have to kiss some body part that she’s hurt.

In late May, we had to take her to the ER for a gash in the back of her head.  She was goofing around at lunch and fell out of her booster seat, catching the square edge of the wooden chair with the back of her head on the way down.  The doctor glued the wound shut, and we’re still waiting for the rest of the glue (and her hair) to fall out.

Then this past Thursday, she and I were in our office.  I was working on my computer, and she was sitting in Brad’s chair.  I thought she was sitting nicely and playing, but she had turned around and was facing backwards in the chair.  Next thing I knew, she had pushed the chair over backwards.  I saw it in slow-mo as she planted her forehead directly into the drawer pull on the bottom drawer of my desk.

So I packed her up and away we went back to the ER.  This time, the gash required four stitches.  I had to hold her as the doctor stitched her up, and I honestly wasn’t sure that I could make it through the whole thing without being physically ill.  Alissa was a brave little soul, though, and she even wanted to stay and play in the ER play room after the ordeal!  (She didn’t, by the way; it was past my bedtime.)

It hurts me to watch her hurt herself.  I felt guilty for this go around – I should have been watching her more closely.  It would be so much easier if we could just put our children in a bubble and keep them protected from all the ways they could get hurt.  I know that’s not possible, that they have to experience things for themselves or they will never learn.  I just wonder how I’m going to handle it when the hurt is emotional or mental instead of physical, when a kiss will no longer ease the pain for her.  Maybe I’m the one that needs to live in the bubble.


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  • 1. Mom  |  August 3, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Welcome to motherhood, my darling daughter! Now you know how I felt through broken wrists, hangers in the eye, stitches, chain link fence accidents, etc. But then there were the broken hearts, the loss of your stuff, burglaries and stalkers. Trust me I still hurt for you and for your brother but now I have added Brad and Carey and my five precious blessings. I just ask God every day to take care of all of you! Love you always!

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