Ashley at four months

October 3, 2009 at 7:49 am Leave a comment

By the grace of God, I have happy babies.

Alissa has always been a good-natured, joyful kid.  And Ashley is showing some of the same personality traits.  At four months, she loves to smile and laugh.  She is extremely sociable; she’s happiest when someone is talking to her.  With the exception of short bursts of crabbiness when she’s tired, for the most part she is an extremely laidback, happy baby.


She is also a go-getter.  She rolls everywhere.  Not content to just lie there, she wants to sit up at all times and see what’s happening around her.  She has incredibly strong neck muscles, and lifts her head up like a big kid.  Her favorite thing to do is sit in her exersaucer and talk to all the toys.

Alissa is Ashley’s favorite person.  Alissa is such a nice big sister, sharing her toys with Ashley all the time.  Ashley will be cruising in her swing, and I’ll look over to discover a trio of toys has magically appeared in the swing with her.  Alissa doesn’t quite understand why Ashley doesn’t play with those toys like she does.  I’m interested to see if this sharing gene continues when Ashley gets big enough to get into Alissa’s toys intentionally.  The vibe might change then.

I’ve started Ashley on solid foods, too.  She started with baby cereal, and took to eating as if she was born to do it.  In the last couple of weeks, we’ve graduated to vegetables.  She loves sweet potatoes, but hates squash.  I’ve also given her some bananas, which she gobbled down while giggling the entire time.  Seems she thought they were tasty.

Her sleeping is slowly getting better.  If I make sure she eats before I go to bed, she gets up once in the night to eat, then typically goes right back to sleep.  Even Alissa is sleeping better right now.  Night before last I got SEVEN WHOLE HOURS of sleep.  A few more nights like that and I might actually feel something resembling rested.


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