Living with royalty

November 5, 2009 at 4:57 pm 1 comment


My girls dressed up for Halloween. Ashley was not a happy goldfish. Alissa, on the other hand, thinks she should be a princess every day.

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween.  Scratch that – I was probably a big fan of Halloween as a kid.  However, as a grown person I haven’t really gotten into the holiday.

As a parent, I have a whole new set of reasons to dislike Halloween.  Top of my list is the bucket of candy that is sitting on top of my refrigerator as I write this, calling my name.  Yes, I know it’s Alissa’s candy, but she’s two – she has no idea how much loot she scored between her two sets of grandparents and trick-or-treating.

The other big reason I now dislike Halloween is because of the clothing battle it temporarily created between Alissa and I.  Alissa was a princess for Halloween.  She doesn’t understand why she can’t dress as a princess every single day.  After all, she is convinced she is a princess; why shouldn’t her clothes reflect that?

Last week, before Halloween, she wore her costume three straight days.  On Thursday they dressed up for story time, on Friday I figured it was close enough to Halloween, and Saturday was Halloween itself.

By Sunday, however, I had my work cut out for me to convince Alissa she needed to wear something besides her princess costume.  Halloween was over, I explained.  It would come around again in a year, but for this year, it was done.  This news did not set well with Alissa.

“Mommy, Halloween is oooover,” she keeps telling me in her most doleful, mournful voice.  “I can’t go trick-or-treating.  I can’t wear my costume.”  She is so sad when she says this, it breaks my heart.

But I’ll admit, she’s done okay with foregoing her role as royalty this week and wearing her civilian clothes.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, though: she’s been wearing her costume for naps.  I figure it’s better than battling with her about it and it doesn’t hurt anything.  And whatever convinces her to take a nap in the afternoon is okay by me.



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Things my daughter says I took the plunge.

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  • 1. anne burris  |  November 5, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    The pictures are adorable. Was Ashley a fish? She was so cute!

    I think you should let Alissa wear her princess outfit everyday at home if she wants to. I mean, as long as it’s just you guys, who’s gonna know? Look how precious she is in it.


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