My two cents.

February 7, 2010 at 1:11 pm Leave a comment

1. I’m watching Spaceballs.  It remains one of my favorite movies ever, which is a direct testament to my raising.  Could you imagine going to a dinner party with Mel Brooks?  Sure, the dude’s old now, but he’s made some of the funniest movies EVER.  I’d bet he’s hilarious in real life.

2.  I think there should be two lanes in each aisle of the supermarket.  One lane marked “Walk With a Purpose,” the other lane marked “Meander With No Idea Where You’re Going Or What You Need.”  Let the meanderers deal with each other and get the heck out of my way.

3.  Am I the only person NOT watching the Super Bowl today?

4.  Brad currently has the water turned off to fix a small leak downstairs.  And I must say – it’s a great excuse not to have to do laundry.  Or dishes.  Sweet.

5.  Do you suppose I could earn daily activity points (for Weight Watchers) for getting my 8-month-old dressed?  She wiggles and wriggles so much that I almost break a sweat getting her clothes on.  I think that should count as exercise.

6.  Back to Spaceballs: the “merchandising” is genius.  Spaceballs the sheet, Spaceballs the toilet paper.  And whatever happened to Rick Moranis?  No one plays a bumbling idiot in a more amusing fashion.


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