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March 20, 2010 at 1:07 pm Leave a comment

I’m back from my brief blogging hiatus!

Over the past few months, I’ve been spending way too much time attached to my laptop.  It’s not only the blogging – it’s keeping up with Facebook, and reading message boards and other blogs, and playing silly games that suck up large amounts of time.  When I hit a high score of 622,000 on Bejeweled, I thought that might be a sign that I was playing it waaaaay too much.

The other sign that it was time for a break came while I was scrolling through status updates on Facebook one night.  The same people were posting the same posts – Friend #1 was sick (again), Friend #2 was waxing philosophic (again), and my brother was being a smartass (as usual).   Nothing was new.  And I realized that I was spending my precious free time reading status updates from other people – many of whom I haven’t seen in years, some of whom I wouldn’t recognize on the street – instead of spending that free time doing something productive.

I decided to significantly reduce my time on the crack-top for a few days and focus on some of the projects on my to-do list.  I got two or three of the projects crossed off.  I read a whole book.  I took a cooking class with some friends.  Most importantly, I focused on myself and my family.  I took the girls to the park.  Alissa and I built playdoh people.  I made it to the Y several days.  We spent some time with both sides of the extended family.

I discovered I’ve been neglecting my actual reality with virtual reality.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m still blogging, still on Facebook, and still Googling all the important probing questions that cross my mind.  But I’m making a promise – to myself and to my family – to spend less time blogging about my life and more time living it.  That’s a promise we all benefit from.


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After these messages… I can totally relate.

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