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April 19, 2010 at 4:21 pm 1 comment

1.  Best 97 cents I’ve ever spent: I bought a RoseArt watercolor tray at Target today.  It has entertained Alissa for nearly an hour now.  Which is officially 37 minutes longer than she’s ever paid attention to anything else.

2.  It must be spring.  Our next-door neighbor’s weeds are fully in bloom.

3.  I cannot handle irrational crying and drama.  Which makes me completely unsuited to be the mother of a toddler.

4.  I’ve been listening to Madonna’s Greatest Hits CD this week.  Must brush up on my Madonna discography before this week’s episode of Glee.

5.  I need to quit going to Target.  I’m convinced that place is designed to encourage impulse purchases.

6.  I recently went to a class about couponing.  For $12, someone explained to me how to maximize coupons and get the most value for my money.  Information I should have been able to figure out myself, but the class was definitely interesting.  I’ve started saving about 20% every shopping trip; my goal is to average my savings at 35-40%.  To accomplish this, see point #5.

7.  We have very little going on in our lives over the next six weeks.  I thought, “Great!  We’ll be able to hit the Y every day.”  But now Ashley is sick, which keeps her out of the KidZone.  Think it’s time to fire up Jillian Michaels on the DVD and enlist Alissa to work out with me in the basement.  Alissa makes a good little trainer – there’s no slacking when she’s participating!


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  • 1. Amy  |  April 20, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Good thinking with #4. I can’t wait to watch tonight! #5 I struggle with for sure and #6 I heart coupons. We don’t get the Sunday paper anymore though so I don’t get much!


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