Things my daughter says

April 24, 2010 at 3:46 pm Leave a comment

I took the girls for a walk last week.  We walked out of our neighborhood and took a right at the main street outside our development.  Ahead were the flashing lights of a patrol car, pulled to our side of the road.  The officer was out of his car and bending over a motionless animal laying by the curb.

As we got closer, I recognized the animal as a deer.  It had probably been hiding out in a small wooded section off the street and jumped into traffic.

My thought process goes something like this, even as we continue to walk closer and closer to the deer:

I’m not sure I want Alissa to see this.

I mean, what am I going to say to her about death?

I don’t think I’m ready for this conversation.

Should I turn around and go home?

No, death is a natural part of life.  I shouldn’t avoid it.

Maybe she won’t even notice.

Crap, her head’s turned that way.

Quick, think of what to say!

Even as I’m internally monologuing, we are getting close enough to see the deer in detail.  He is, most definitely, dead.  Alissa’s eyes are riveted to the scene.

“Mommy…”  Alissa starts to say.

Oh, no, here it comes.  God, give me the right words to say.

“…What’s wrong with that kangaroo?”

“It’s not a kangaroo, baby.  It’s a deer.”

“No, it’s not!  It’s a kangaroo!!!”

“Honey, it’s a deer.”


At some point, I realized that a) not only were we not talking about the issue of death, as I had worried but b) I was debating with a three-year-old.  And losing.


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