It's a small world after all.

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The incredible thing about Facebook is discovering that some of your friends know some of your friends – and you didn’t know they know each other.  (That sentence reminds me of the Friends episode when everyone finds out Chandler & Monica were dating.  “We didn’t KNOW they know we know.”)  For instance, my friend Ami, a former coworker, knows Darci, who I grew up with.  She also knows Susan, who is in MOPS with me.  I know that part of it is because Wichita is a small town when you get right down to it, but it just goes to show how small the world really is.

In college – before there was a Facebook – I worked at a retail store called Hastings.  I became fast friends with Vicki, one of my managers.  One weekend, Vicki and her boyfriend went to visit her parents.  While there, she told her mom about going out with me the night before.

“Wait a second,” her mom said.  “I went to college with someone with that last name.  Carol.  She and I were great friends, hung around all the time with two other girls.”

Turns out that Vicki’s mom went to college with my aunt.  Small world.

Fast forward to recently.  I became Facebook friends with Brenda, one of the gals who works in the nursery at our church.  She noticed my maiden name – which is fairly uncommon – on my profile.  The next weekend, she asked me about my family.

“Do you have family in Benton?”  she asked.  Well, sure, I answered.  My dad is from there and my brother lives there now.

“Are you related to a Diane?”  she asked. Well, sure, I answered again.  She’s my aunt, my dad’s twin sister.

Turns out that Brenda went to college with another aunt.  Again, small world.

And because Brenda saw my name on Facebook, she’s been able to reconnect with Aunt Diane.  They’ve chatted several times and caught up on each other’s lives.  I’m so glad I could be part of reconnecting people.


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