Let's talk nutrition, shall we?

July 19, 2010 at 12:10 pm 2 comments

Three weeks ago, I gave up caffeine.  Specifically, caffeine delivered in the form of Diet Coke.

I’m not a hard core Diet Coke addict.  I’ve heard of some people who drink upwards of 64+ ounces of the stuff every day.  My addiction was more like 32 oz. daily, preferably from Sonic but frequently from McDonalds.  I know the exact amount because I don’t keep Diet Coke in the house any more.  However, it’s been a bad habit to hit the drive-thru every day, just so I could get some of the bubbly stuff.

It had gotten to the point where – when we pulled into Sonic – Alissa would ask, “Are we getting you a Diet Coke, Mommy?”  Um, yes, yes we are.

But recent articles about the links between too much soda and the increased risk for cancer got me thinking.  And I hope to keep my girls away from pop as long as possible, so what kind of example was I setting for them?  I also noticed that Diet Coke triggered my craving sugar.  Finally, I realized how much money I could save if I cut the drive-thru habit.  After all, a 32 oz. soda at McDonalds is $1.08 (price plus tax in Wichita).  Not much, right?  If I eliminate that daily $1.08, at the end of the year I’ve got around $370.  Still not that much money, but it’s a lot more significant if I think of it in the bigger picture.

The first three or four days without it were difficult.  I craved it, I wanted it, I NEEDED it.  In my mind, anyway.  Physically, I wasn’t experiencing too many withdrawal symptoms.  And when we were home, I really didn’t think about it.  It was when we were in the car, driving around, that the cravings hit.

I haven’t gone completely cold turkey.  I’ve had two Diet Cokes in three weeks.  And I gotta tell ya – that first one tasted AWESOME.  It was about five days after I had given up; I broke down and hit Sonic happy hour.  The second one was a few days ago, and it really didn’t taste great.  In fact, I would have much preferred water at that point.

I’m not going to quit drinking it entirely.  After all, good nutrition is about moderation, right?  Diet Coke has never gotten in the way of my drinking enough water, one of the good habits I have.  I’ve always had Diet Coke in addition to my required amount of water.  This was just about eliminating something that has absolutely no nutritional benefits.

Today, I’m starting a two-week fast from refined sugar and sweet stuff.  In case you missed the great Girl Scout Thin Mint chow down of 2010, I have a horrible sugar addiction.  I vowed back in March that I would kick the powdery white stuff.  Yet I won’t even begin to tell you the sweets I stuffed into my face this weekend.  You are all my witnesses: for the next two weeks, I am staying away from anything that resembles a candy, cookie, ice cream, etc.

Which reminds me: I’d like to apologize now to my family for any thing I might say or do during the course of the next two weeks.  It’s the sugar withdrawal talking, not me.  Hopefully we’ll all come out the other side much better for it.  🙂


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