The one where Amy interviews herself for lack of better material

September 27, 2010 at 1:06 pm Leave a comment

So I’ve been getting some questions from readers, and thought I’d address them in one big Q&A format blog, because – yes, I am that important in my own mind.  🙂  Just for giggles I’ll write this blog entry in interview form, although I admit that it’s kinda weird I’m interviewing…myself.

Q: How’s the sleeping going at your house? Are the kids sleeping better?

A:   Obviously, you haven’t seen me lately.  The dark circles under my eyes now have their own dark circles.  We had a night about a week ago that both kids slept through the night, nary a peep from either of them.  I got my hopes up that we had turned a corner.  Sadly, my hopes have been cruelly dashed every night since.  Last night I think I saw every hour between 11 and 7.  One had to potty, the other had a leaky diaper.  One had a bad dream, the other just started crying for no apparent reason than to make me crazy.  It’s taking its toll.

Q: How’s the diet going?  Have you completely given up sugar?

A:  Has Lindsay Lohan given up crack?

Q:  So it’s not going well?

A:  Negative, ghost rider.  I do well for about a day.  Then we have an absolutely HORRIBLE night and that little reservoir of willpower and resolve is completely depleted by exhaustion.

Q:  What about the Diet Coke addiction?  Are you still off the wagon?

A:  I don’t want to talk about it.

Q:  What about your daily prayer time?  Are you sticking with that?

A:  I do okay about two days out of three.  I have been struggling with getting an hour in, so I backed it up to 30 minutes and that seems to help.  I think God understands that I need extra sleepy time right now.

Q:  Okay, last question.  Your Facebook friends are all asking: what IS the secret to a high score in Bejeweled Blitz?

A: 1) Play an insane and somewhat unhealthy amount of games.  2) Move as fast as you can.  3) Use three boosts at one time.  4) Get as many multipliers as you can.  That’s about the best that I can explain it.


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