Everything old is new again.

November 12, 2010 at 7:38 pm 1 comment

Some updates on recent (and not-so-recent) posts I’ve made – um – recently.

1.  A pox upon our house.  Staph infection seems to be waning.  Alissa’s rash is subsiding and now looks merely sore, as opposed to OH-MY-GOD-THAT-HAS-TO-BE-KILLING-YOU.  Now it’s just itchy, which may be even worse than pain.  Ashley’s rash didn’t spread as far as Alissa’s, thankfully.

2.  You want some fries with those bum nuggets?  Ashley the Super Bathtub Pooper has been at it again.  Most. Annoying. Thing. EVER.

3.  Baby, I was not born to run.  I was doing so well with exercising.  And then, for reasons that are not completely clear, I lost all momentum.  I have not run or been to the Y in three WEEKS now.  This lack of motivation may directly coincide with the appearance of Halloween candy in my house.  Part of it was I couldn’t take Itchy & Rashy to the KidsZone at the Y.  Part of it was that I’ve been running on an average of five hours of sleep each night, thus using every iota of energy on merely surviving the days.  Most of it was that I just lost all motivation to quit stuffing my face and go work out.  Not good.  I keep wondering when I’m going to pass through the phase of Somewhat Grossed Out By Myself and pass into the stage of Thoroughly & Utterly Disgusted.  It will probably be soon.

4.  She works hard for the money.  I quickly went from working four hours a week to a whopping eleven.  I added an extra morning at Kroupa Financial, plus I started working at my church’s nursery one morning.  The nursery gig doesn’t pay a lot, but I can take the girls.  They get time with other kids (away from me), I make a little extra money, and everyone wins.  I’m tellin’ ya, though, props to all the mothers who work full-time.  I can’t imagine how you do it.

5. Well, this is cool.  I recommended the book “I’m With Fatty” a couple of months ago.  I emailed a link to the review to the author, with a short note that basically said, “Loved the book!  Thanks for writing!”  He emailed me back!  I don’t get excited about celebrities, and I’m definitely not a groupie of famous people, but hearing back from a writer I liked was kinda thrilling.  He even took the time to acknowledge Wichita in his reply.  Okay, so his mention was how long it took to drive through Kansas on his way to Colorado back in college.  But still!  I’m keeping the email for posterity.


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  • 1. Candice  |  November 12, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    One time, I blogged about a book I read and enjoyed, and the author commented because “someone had told her about my comments” (aka she Googled herself) and she sent me signed bookmarks. I was very excited.


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