The Son of God and Men

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I originally posted this poem on my blog two years ago.  However, I thought it was appropriate to post it again for the Christmas season.  I wrote it in college.  Hope you enjoy.

The Son of God and Men
He had loved her as a child,
and him she had adored.
Their love was not an earthly one.
Their love was so much more.

Betrothed to wed but forced to wait
until the time was right,
before their vows were said
the girl saw angels all in white.

They told her she was chosen
to carry God’s own Son.
“There must be some mistake,” she said.
“How can I be the one?

I’m nothing but a poor young girl.
Soon I’ll be Joseph’s bride.
How can I carry the Son of God?”
The angels then replied,

“Behold, to you a child shall come,
and this shall he be called –
Emmanuel, the Prince of Peace,
Jesus, Son of God.”

With these things the angels left,
and she pondered on their words.
With a sense of peace that these things were true,
she told him of all she’d heard.

He loved her so but did not wish
to bring about disgrace.
He would divorce her quietly;
perhaps he could save face.

The angels came again to earth
to visit Joseph’s dream.
They said, “Don’t fear, she’s still as pure.
Don’t take things as they seem.

“Mary has not lied to you,
nor unfaitful has she been.
She carries the Anointed One –
the Son of God and Men.

You must take Mary as your wife,
and raise her precious Son.
God had to choose a father, too,
and he chose you for the one.”

Joseph rose and found his love,
and she became his bride.
As she grew he knew her
as an angel at his side.

Nine months gone by and word is spread,
“A census in the land!
Return to the homes your fathers knew.
We must count every man.”

They’d never been apart before,
and so she chose to go.
Heavy burdened, big with child,
on a donkey’s back she rode.

They made the long, hard journey
to Bethlehem.  By night
she knew the time was drawing near.
She could no longer fight.

They tried to find a room for her,
again, and again, and again.
They’d shake their heads, and say,
“No, sir, no room at my inn.”

But at one place a tired man
with pity in his eyes
said, “We have no rooms, but if you’d like,
there’s a stall where she may lie.”

With grateful heart he led her in,
and in that stall was born
a babe to set the world free,
in a manger to keep warm.

About that time some gruff young men
were settling down to sleep.
They were the ones who kept the fields
and tended to the sheep.

In the midnight sky they saw it clear –
an angel, all in white.
“Behold, a child is born this day
to give the world light.”

And then a heav’nly multitude
began to chant and sing,
“Glory to heaven and He on high,”
their praises loud did ring.

The shepherds ran and found the babe,
and they were filled with joy.
They danced through streets and praised their God –
a wondrous, little boy.

Soon came some other strangers,
some wise men from afar.
They’d found the baby Jesus
by following a star.

With precious gifts they knelt before
and praised and worshipped Him.
They met in awe and wonder
this Son of God and Men.

That babe was born on Christmas day
so many years ago.
Along the way we’ve lost the light
and let the meaning go.

It’s not the bells, it’s not the tree,
it’s not the gifts for kin.
It’s that babe born from love and hurt.
It’s the Son of God and men.


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