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I got the new year started off right with a zumba class at the Y today.  Actually, the “class” was an attempt to set a record for the most people zumba-ing (zuming?) at the same time.   According to the Wichita Eagle, the official attendance count was 639, marking the biggest zumba class in the U.S. to date.

This was only my second attempt at zumba.  The first attempt was made earlier this week, when I decided on a whim to go out on a limb and try something new.  The class proved two things to me.  First, that I am an incredibly uncoordinated white girl.  Second, that I am not alone and that the Y is, in fact, full of uncoordinated white girls.

In case you don’t know, zumba is a dance-based aerobic exercise, incorporating many Latin dance moves (salsa, rumba, etc.) and set to a thumping Latin beat.  While I don’t have a problem finding the rhythms and following the footwork, I struggle with the booty shaking and hip circling moves.  My body just doesn’t want to move that way.  And it’s hard to get into the booty shaking when you just don’t have much booty to shake.

I’ll probably do it again.  But I’ll more likely stick with my tried-and-true step class, which is mostly left-right-left-right, 1, 2, 3, 4.  Even this uncoordinated white girl can follow that.

On a related, celebrities-need-exercise-too note: Kirstie Alley participated in the zumba-thon today.  You know how she gets knocked for being so “heavy”?  She looks normal-sized.  Yeah, probably in LA she’s huge or whatever, but she looked like any other regular-Jane walking around.  I worked out with a celebrity today. Okay, so 637 other people worked out with us, too.  And it’s not like she talked to me or anything.  But she did walk by me on her way into the gym.  Which, I have to say, is kinda cool.


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