Snow day ramblings

January 11, 2011 at 9:52 am Leave a comment

  • Normally, I would be working in my church’s nursery on Tuesday mornings.  I wasn’t looking forward to trekking our way to church and navigating the icy/snowy parking lots & sidewalks with the girls, so getting an early morning phone call with the news that I didn’t have to come in was joyfully received.  My first thought, “Great!  The girls and I can hang around the house all day!”
  • By 8:00 a.m., my thought on that subject was more along the lines of, “Great…I’m going to be stuck in the house all day with these girls.”
  • The Y is closed when the Wichita school district closes, so I’m going to have to pop in Jillian Michaels later and let her beat me down with some 30 Day Shred.
  • Calories consumed on a snow day should not count.
  • I could be doing laundry or cleaning the house.  Eh…I’ve got all day.
  • It’s never good when your husband leaves the house to go to work, and instead of hearing the garage door open, you hear a loud bang followed by silence.  Garage door was frozen to the ground and busted on the way up this morning.  This combined with the snow and yesterday’s highway debacle are probably signs that we shouldn’t go anywhere today.
  • Why is it when I have the freedom to go places I don’t want to, but now that I can’t go anywhere I feel like I’m being held prisoner in my own home?
  • The girls got out and played in the snow yesterday:

Alissa bugged me ALL DAY LONG to go out and play. We finally got out in the late afternoon.

Ashley wasn't sure what this snow business was all about. By the time she got all bundled up, she looked like the younger brother on "A Christmas Story."

This was Alissa's first attempt at snow angels. She's wanted to do them ever since she saw Max & Ruby make them.

Ashley's snow angels weren't quite as good, but she'll try anything her sister does!



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