Just some technical housekeeping.

July 7, 2011 at 2:29 pm Leave a comment

We’re gettin’ all sorts of fancy up in here.

First of all, my blog has a new address.  No longer do you have to type in the longish blankiesandbooboos.wordpress.com.  Oh, no, we’ve dropped the .wordpress part and now it’s simply blankiesandbooboos.com.  High-falutin, I am.  (But don’t worry: if you’ve got it bookmarked with the old address, it will still get to the page.  They have all sorts of technical mumbo-jumbo that means you can visit the old and be redirected to the new.)

Second of all – and this is very exciting – I have an app.  Yes, that’s right, if you like Blankies & Booboos – there’s now an app for that.  My in-house developer (also known as husband) created it for me.

The app is ONLY for Android users, so you i-people will have to still visit me the old fashioned way.  If you want to grab my app (oooh, that sounds a little saucy) then click on the icon below and follow the link.

Updated: If you tried to follow the link  earlier, sorry about that.  I had a brain fart and posted a wrong address.  The address is right now but MediaFire is having some issues this evening.  Hope it works for you.

Updated again: So MediaFire shot craps, but I have the link hosted through a different place now.  Try, try again.


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