Remember college unplugged?

August 29, 2011 at 6:07 pm Leave a comment

I recently read that this year’s batch of incoming traditional freshhmen (AKA: people who are nearly half my age) are younger than the Internet.  Think about it: college campuses everywhere are being flooded with young adults who have no memory of a life unplugged.

I started college in 1994, back in the olden days.  There was no Internet.  No iPhone or iPad or other i-device.  We had to visit the actual library, employ the Dewey Decimal system for our research.  We bought actual, physical textbooks, big honking things we had to lug around campus and pay both an arm and a leg for.  There were no e-books, no “” sites to comparison shop.

Meeting friends at the bars?  Plans were made ahead of time; no texting available.  If we met someone at said bar, there was no Facebook or Google to stalk  learn more about our potential romantic fling.

We sat in actual classrooms, butts parked in a chair, listening to some ancient professor who had never, ever held a “real job” outside the walls of academia.  We didn’t have the option of online learning.  Our classes were sixteen weeks long, not an accelerated six weeks.  We met in actual study groups, not virtual ones.

Technology must make the college experience so much easier.  Yet, it must make it so much harder at the same time.  The sheer amount of information available must be incredibly difficult to wade through and pare down for a cohesive paper. Sure, the Internet is a useful tool for finding facts, but how do you know which sites to trust?

And now college kids have to worry about their online image.  What most college kids don’t realize – or don’t yet care about – is that it’s way too easy for pics of drunken nights out to make their way onto the Internet, where they stay until some future employer digs them up.

Given the choice – to experience college as I experienced it or in today’s technology-driven educational environment – I’d take the way I experienced it.  And I’ll just be thankful that the picture documentation of my college days is scarce.

(source: Wichita Eagle article – Web Older Than Incoming Freshmen)


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Just a funny photo for your viewing pleasure. House hunting is kinda like online dating.

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