Lacing up my shoes again.

September 6, 2011 at 7:31 am Leave a comment

Momentum is a delicate thing.  It’s difficult to achieve, and even harder to maintain.

I had momentum earlier this year, making changes to my diet and adding in more exercise.  I even ran a 5K.  And then, and then…

I lost it.

I don’t know why I fell apart.  I blame it partly on the scorching, blazing, blasted heat, which rendered me virtually unable to think, let alone exercise.  I blame it partly on non-sleeping children, creating a mom who sleep walks through the days.  Mostly, though, I blame it on sheer laziness that allowed me to let the forward progress come to a grinding, screeching halt.

Suddenly, the weather is cooler, and suddenly, I’ve woken up from my coma.  I have to turn this around now.  As a result, I just hit “submit” on my registration for the Prairie Fire / Mayor’s Challenge 5K in October.  Unlike the 5K in May – which I ran by myself – hopefully I’ll have a posse with me for the Prairie Fire.  My sister-in-law Janelle has already started working on it.

Here’s to reclaiming the momentum.


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