Something shook loose in my head.

November 8, 2011 at 9:49 am Leave a comment

And now, for Amy’s Weekly Bonehead Moment…

Brad’s mom called last night and told him she thought we’d had another tremor.  I was half listening to Brad’s end of the conversation as I put the girls in jammies.  He said to me, “Mom thinks we’ve had another tremor.”

And in my head, I thought, “Why does Brad’s mom think we have another trimmer?  Does she want to borrow it?”

I totally thought she wanted to cut her hair or something.

And then I jumped on FB and saw everyone talking about another earthquake.  And thought DUH.  Tremor makes a lot more sense.

This bonehead moment has been brought to you courtesy of the great midwest earthquakes of 2011.

And now, for a scene of the devastation from Saturday’s quake:


My friend Jimmie’s Smurf Village took a direct hit.  I stole this from his Facebook page.  The comments under the picture are also awesome; I especially like one his friend’s comments that simply said: “Oh, the humanity!”  Jimmie’s pic is now featured at as one of the best images from the earthquake.


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