A good night’s sleep? What’s that???

November 30, 2011 at 9:37 am 1 comment

Show me a mom with young kids…

And I’ll show you a woman who’d give anything for a good night’s sleep.

I’ve written before about sleep at my house.   Okay, I’ve written LOTS about sleep at my house, or rather, the lack thereof. (Missed it the first time?  Go here.  Or here.  Here’s another one.  Or for a really good post, go here.)

In short, I haven’t had a good night of sleep in nearly five years.  I stopped sleeping when I was six months pregnant with Alissa; couldn’t get comfortable, couldn’t breathe through my nose, couldn’t stop my mind from racing.  Then she came out thinking sleep was optional for the first two years of her life.

I experienced the same problems when I was pregnant with Ashley, then she repeated her sister’s tendencies to wake multiple times a night.  There were nights, when Alissa was two and Ashley was a baby, that I was up with a crying child every 45 minutes.

It’s gotten better.  For the kids, anyway.  We actually have sporadic nights where no children wake up.  No one cries.  The majority of our nights involve one middle of the night call by a kid.  I can handle that.

But now, my sleep is completely disrupted.  Disjointed.  Even when kids sleep through the night, I can’t.  My unconscious is constantly waiting for a kid to cry.  I sleep in two hour shifts.  I get up in the middle of the night to pee.  I can’t turn my brain off.

When I do sleep, I’m so tired that I snore.  Which causes Brad to kick me.  Which causes me to wake up and roll over.  Which perpetuates the whole vicious cycle.

In the middle of the night, I lie awake and listen to the noises of the house.  I pray.  I think about the things I have to do the next day.  And eventually, I doze off, only to have wacky dreams generated by all the thoughts that pranced through my head during the awake time.

Other moms are tired, too.  They have kids who bounce out of bed in the wee small hours of morning.  Or kids that – like mine – are also up multiple times per night.  Or they are moms who struggle with insomnia or broken sleep the same way I do.

We should form a club.  We could call ourselves the Middle-of-the-Night-Moms. Our signature drink will be coffee.  Our mantra?  “Midnight Moms: We Just Want a Nap.”

I think I’ll start working on the charter for that club tonight.  I’ll be awake anyway.


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