The Weekly Weigh-In: January 21

January 21, 2012 at 10:00 am Leave a comment

Week #3
Loss this week: 2.2 pounds
Total lost since 12/30/2011: 2.2 pounds

I will admit upfront: this week I have not worked out once.  I haven’t eaten badly but I haven’t eaten well.  And I lost 2.2 pounds.  The scale is a cruel mistress.

Somewhere this past week, I lost my mojo.  My want-to mojo, that is.  Somehow this third week of the year has kicked my mood and my energy levels all over the place.

Ashley isn’t sleeping this week, which means I’m not sleeping this week.  So all I want to do is lie down and take a nap.  The thought of even putting my shoes on to go for a workout is exhausting.  Tuesday & early Wednesday morning, she was also running a fever, which meant no Kids Zone for us those two days.  Sure, I could have gone to the Y without the kids after Brad got home in the evenings, but I was in my comfy clothes and it was cold and I just. didn’t. wanna.

Anyone need an excuse for not working out?  Because evidently I have extra to spare.

One success I did have this week: I planned our meals. And I’ve stuck with the plan.  Meal planning is good for both my waistline and our budget.  I’ve also found that when I plan, it’s not 5:30 and I’m stressing about what to fix for dinner.  Instead, I’ve gotten meat out to defrost in the mornings and prepped supper in the afternoons.  Then all I have to do is throw it in and let it cook.  So much more organized than my usual last-minute scramble to get something on the table.

My goal for this week?  Journal every single bite that goes into my mouth, even if it means I go over on my allotted calories.  I have a tendency to quit writing stuff down if I see it’s going to put my numbers in the red.  Progress, not perfection.  That’s the goal.

Entry filed under: A weighty matter.

Good vibrations. Hang in there.

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