Remembering a friend.

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VickiFive years ago this weekend, the world lost this smile.  She was a mom, a wife, a jokester, and a writer.  I was proud that she called me friend.  I originally posted this in 2009.  Remembering you today, Vicki.  May we all hoist a bloody mary in your honor.  

Vicki and I met at KU.  She was my boss at Hastings, and we hit it off right away.  I wanted to be funny; Vicki laughed at my jokes.  Actually, Vicki laughed at a lot of things, as she was one to find the funny in just about everything.  I have never met anyone who could find the humor in a situation as quickly as she could.

After we graduated, we coincidentally ended up living in adjoining apartments in Lawrence.  We also both moved to Topeka about the same time, and Vicki became my weekly lunch buddy.  After we both bought houses in the same area of town, we became walking buddies, too.  I loved to hang out with Vicki and listen to her stories.  Vicki loved to tell stories – about her friends, her family, her work colleagues.  And true to form, her stories were usually funny.

Vicki was passionate about the people she loved.  And there were a lot of them; Vicki had the capacity to find the good in just about everyone.  She was truly someone who saw the best in people.  She was accepting of people from all walks of life.  Her circle of friends was eclectic and eccentric.  They all had one thing in common: Vicki.

After I moved to Wichita, we didn’t talk as much, but we tried to get together in Wichita or Topeka every once in a while.  When we would talk on the phone or in person, we picked up right where we left off as if we had just dropped our conversation a moment ago, instead of months before.  There has been more than one occasion since her death that I have thought, “I need to call Vicki and tell her about that!” – only to realize that I can’t.  And then my heart breaks all over again because I know she would have gotten the joke instantly, which is a rare thing to find in a friend.


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