Love the ones you’re with.

February 14, 2012 at 8:48 pm Leave a comment

It’s Valentine’s Day.  Do you know where your loved ones are?

Mine are in the basement.

Alissa and Ashley are watching a cartoon, while Alissa intently plays games on my tablet and Ashley simultaneously watches a movie on the PSP.

Brad is playing a game on his computer.

And I am blogging on my laptop.

We are the modern family.

There were no romantic gestures on this, the designated day of love.  The girls got stuffed animals, which I presented to them this morning shortly after they got out of bed.  Alissa asked me where I got their animals.

“Why, from the Valentine’s store, of course,” I told her.

“Oh,” she said.  “You mean Walgreens?”

Well, sure.  You got me there.

Brad and I got plenty of hugs and kisses from the girls.  Well, technically, we got plenty of hugs and kisses from lovebug Alissa.  Ashley is shrewd and only gives out affection if there’s something for her to gain.  She’s a calculating one, my Ashley.  Alissa presented us both with pictures she had colored for us.

We had a playdate this morning and a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and in between we did the same ol’, same ol’ routine.  Brad came home for a romantic dinner of pancakes and scrambled eggs.  We talked about his projects at work and Ashley’s ear infection.  Tonight we will put the girls to bed and enjoy the quiet moments with just us two.

I thought about writing a gushing, loving letter to my family and posting it here.  But we are not an overly demonstrative sort of family.  I may wear my heart on my sleeve but I do it mostly through sarcasm and humor.

So let me just say this:

Forget the grand romantic gestures.  This, this kind of day demonstrates the love in my family.  And I am so glad to have these kinds of days throughout the year, not just when the calendar dictates it.  I am forever grateful to the God that gave me the man who gave me the children.  For I so love my little family, the people who make me laugh and make me cry and sometimes – even – make me yell and stomp my feet.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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