The Weekly Weigh-In

February 17, 2012 at 8:44 pm Leave a comment

Week #: I don’t know, I’ve lost count.  And I’m too lazy to look it up right now.

Pounds lost this week: 2.6

Total Pounds lost since 12/30/2011: 2.2

See that math up there?  Pounds lost this week is higher than my total poundage lost.  Which means I had regained the little I had lost.  And found a .4 pound more.  Lovely.

I am determined and recommitted, as of right now, at least.  I had a really good week, food-wise.  Last weekend I read a book called This Is Why You’re Fat by trainer Jackie Warner.  The book is written in a no-nonsense, common-speak manner that is direct and to the point.  It discusses some of the ways our hormones mess with us, and provides a practical eating plan.  While none of the info in the book is groundbreaking or new for me, Warner presents it in a way that’s easy and interesting.  I applied many of her concepts this week with good results.

One of the new things I did this week was pre-plan my entire week on MyFitnessPal.  I entered all of my meals on Sunday, which took about 30 minutes but was worth every minute.  It was so nice to wake up every morning, look at what foods I had planned for the day, and then just follow the plan.  I slipped up a bit on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day), but I got right back to it instead of letting one bad day derail the entire week.

Yesterday, I made the decision and commitment to train for a 10K, with the intent of participating in the River Run in June.  Y’all might remember what a big deal it was for me to do the 5K last year.  Now I’m off on this little tangent. ME??? Run 6.4 miles?? In a row???  The idea is almost laughable.

The thing is, I did some thinking about why I’m heavier now than I was last year.  And the truth is, I was running regularly last year at this time.  This year, I’ve been fighting back issues and general lethargy / laziness, and that’s derailed much of my effort.

I also realized that one of the things I really miss is Pilates.  My friend Sara teaches a great Pilates class at the Y, and when I was taking it regularly two summers ago I lost multiple inches in my waist.  Sara’s Friday class falls at a good time on our calendar, so I’ve decided to make it a priority to hit her class.  It takes some doing to get the girls fed after class and get Alissa to school on time.  Today I packed our lunches and we had a “picnic” at the Y after class.  The girls thought it was the MOST. FUN. EVER and I earned “Awesome Mommy” points.  Bonus.

I often look at my schedule and think I don’t have time for exercise.  This is a lie I tell myself, enabling me to be lazy.  My new truth is that I do have time for exercise, if I make it a priority.  Sometimes, I might have to think creatively about how to work it in, but it must become a part of my regular routine.

I leave you with these wise words that pretty much sums up my feelings:

Constant Battle

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