The trip of their young lives.

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Magic KingdomWe have booked a trip to Disney World this spring.  Alissa has frequently talked about going there over the last two years, raving about how she would get to meet the princesses and see Cinderella’s castle.  We were going to wait until the girls were a bit older – 6 and 4, maybe – but we decided to Carpe Vacay.  An added incentive to go now?  If we make the trip before Ashley turns 3, she gets into the park(s) for free.  Score!

So Brad booked the trip.  He spent hours scouring the net and talking to travel agents for the best deals.  We have the hotel booked, and the flights, and the transportation.  Park passes are purchased.  The trip is planned.

We aren’t telling the girls until right before we go, partly because we want to savor the surprise element but mostly to preserve my sanity.  We aren’t leaving for nearly two months, and I don’t want to suffer through 50 days of “When are we going, when are we going, WHEN ARE WE GOIIIIING?”

But Brad and I both have a hard time keeping secrets, even from our girls, and this is a big one.  Brad was asking Alissa about vacation last week.

“If you could go on a trip, anywhere at all, where would you go?” he asked her.  I expected the answer to be Disney World.

Of course it wasn’t.

“Camping,” she replied.  “I want to go camping.”

It should be noted for the record that – at the time of her statement – there was a makeshift tent in the living room, constructed out of blankets and kitchen chairs.  This could have had something to do with her choice.

“Camping?”  Brad replied.  “Really?  You wouldn’t want to go to Disney World and meet the princesses and ride the rides?”

She pondered the question for a moment.

“No,” she finally answered.  “I want to go camping.”

Well, Alissa, I’m sorry to have to rain on your parade.  You’re going to Disney World, sister.  And you’re going to like it.


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