Fruits of the Spirit: Love for God

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heart crossThe title of this post may have you wondering.

“But, Amy,” you might say.  ”I’m a Christian.  I know my God.  I attend church regularly.  I serve.  I give.  I even read this devotional blog.  Isn’t that evidence that I already love Him?”

Yes, my friend, it is.  But be honest with yourself.  Do you still feel that same passion you felt when you were a baby Christian?  Does your relationship have the same intensity, the same longing for connection?

No?  It’s okay.  You’re not alone.

Even the most devout and worshipful among us often feel disconnected from God.  We long to hear his voice but just can’t pick it out over the noise created in our lives.  We yearn to feel his peace, yet we can’t feel anything but disillusionment or weariness.

We move away from him, and wonder why we he has moved away from us.

Just like in our human relationships, it’s hard to maintain those warm-fuzzy-gooey feelings when distance exists between us and God.  I’m not even talking about the tragedies and hard times that befall us, when we truly question not only our love for God but his very existence.  I’m talking about the mundane, day-to-day annoyances and nuisances that we use as bricks to gradually build a wall between us and our creator.

Even David couldn’t hear God every now and then.  In Psalm 4:1, he says:

Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God.  Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.

Don’t you get the feeling that David has been asking – over and over and over again – and he hasn’t heard God speak?  He is pleading with God to answer his prayer.  You can sense the frustration that David is feeling over the distance between him and God.

Love is difficult to find in the midst of frustration.  But do you know it’s okay to pray to God about your relationship with him?  Sure, it feels weird to tell the all-knowing, all-powerful God that you’re feeling hurt about his lack of communication with you.  How you’re feeling slighted that you’re not currently part of the answered-prayer group.  That you’re sulking because all of his answers lately seem to be no.

But he urges us to ask for everything.  And that includes talking to him about our disappointments, our hurts, our unmet expectations.  Keeping the lines of communication doesn’t mean he will immediately grant all your wishes and open all the doors.  It does, however, give us the opportunity to hear God’s voice amid all the other stuff, to feel his love for us.  And to show him that we love him and trust him – even when we’re far apart.

We love you, Lord.  Let us remember that even when our hearts are heavy and our spirits are broken.  Give us the right words to express our love for you at every opportunity.  Amen.

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