Our Trip to Disney: Meeting the Princesses

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Note from Amy: This is going to be a short series of blog posts.  I have so many pics I want to share! 

In late April, we took our very first vacation as a family.  And when you take your very first vacation as a family, you should do it up big, right?  So we loaded up the family truckster – er, I mean we went on a plane – and headed out to Wally World Disney World.  (The one in Florida, before you ask.  The park in California is Disney Land.)

This was Alissa & Ashley’s very first plane ride.  And they were troopers.  They spent the majority of the flight coloring, or watching a movie on the PSP, or just taking it all in.  By the time we got off the plane in Orlando, they were ready to meet some princesses.  And meet princesses, we did.

The Princesses

In case you didn’t know, my girls are HUGE fans of the Disney princesses.  Actually, Alissa is a huge fan, and Ashley wants to do whatever her sister is doing.  Don’t believe me?  See my previous blog posts here and here about our Disney Princess-fied house.

As a result, one of our TOP PRIORITIES for the week was meeting as many princesses as we could.  To accomplish this, we had to strategize.  Utilizing the Disney app on Brad’s phone, we could see where the princesses would be and what time they would be there.

Then, we just had to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Who knew that seeing Rapunzel would take ALMOST TWO HOURS of standing in line?  Ariel was more than an hour.  I think we spent more than five hours of our trip waiting in line for princesses.  But the look on Alissa’s face every time she met a princess was worth it.

The things you do for your children.

On the very first morning, we walked into Magic Kingdom just as the park opened.  The first thing we did?  Meet the big three of the princess world: Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and – of course – Cinderella.

The great thing about meeting the princesses is that they don’t just shove you through. They take time to meet each child, talking to them and giving them some one-on-one attention. The girls met Sleeping Beauty first.

The attention to detail on the costumes is incredible. Belle’s dress was extraordinary in person.

It is important – when meeting a princess – to wear your best princess dress. Alissa donned her Cinderella costume to meet the woman herself. Ashley is less than thrilled.

We met the rest of the princesses throughout the week.  Some we planned to meet – like the aforementioned Rapunzel – but a couple we just happened to stumble upon as we wandered through the parks.

Alissa got to meet a princess and her prince! We waited in line a long time for Ariel & Eric, but we got two for the price of one. By this time, Ashley had had enough, and was conked out for an afternoon snooze.

Another two for one! We met Jasmine & Aladdin in Magic Kingdom.

Snow White was making an appearance in Epcot. We just happened to stroll by the spot when I caught the sign announcing her imminent arrival. Ashley & Alissa had a good conversation with Snow White.

Mulan was also in Epcot, greeting her visitors in China. Ashley was telling her something – who knows what it was!

We met Pocahontas in Animal Kingdom. She was probably the most standoffish of all the princesses.

Tiana was a true southern belle. I have to say, I don’t know how the princesses (and other characters) survive in those costumes. It was broiling hot this day!

We waited in line the longest to meet Rapunzel. She was bubbly and happy and talked to the girls for quite a while. Worth the wait!


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