Extraordinary things happen through ordinary people

June 9, 2012 at 7:50 pm Leave a comment

See the post title above?  This is the name of the sermon series at our church this summer.

Pastor Welsh is using the book of Ruth to illustrate how God works through each of us – as ordinary and flawed as we are – to bring about extraordinary promises.

I have prayed for this to happen to me.  Over and over again, I have prayed that He will use my ordinariness.  Sometimes, I pray this prayer with conviction and sometimes I pray it reluctantly.  Always, I pray it sincerely.

I know I’m not special.  I am a woman of average looks, living an average life in an average place.  My ministry will never be in the remotest parts of Africa or the battlefields of the Middle East.  My talents are not exceptional and my connections are not notable.

And yet.

God has put me in the right places to use the skills that He has given me.  My ministry – so far – seems to be for other moms, other women who are fighting the same day-in-day-out struggles that I am fighting.

Somehow, I have found myself in positions of leadership at my church.  And I have received compliments about my leadership skills and my speaking abilities.

What those women don’t know?  That I don’t sleep much the night before I lead any group, laying awake and worrying over the words I will say.  Will I be funny yet appropriate?  Will I be serious in the right moment?  Will I be empathetic when I need to be and authoritative when the situation calls for it?

And then there is the post-game replay in my head.  Did I say too much?  What was so-and-so thinking when she made that face as I was talking?   I forgot to say this, and this, and this.  Oh, Lord, what were you thinking when you called me to this role???

I am beset by insecurities.  But every time, God overcomes my limitations to use the situation.  Most of the time, I don’t even know that God has used me to plant a seed.

Recently, though, I saw a fruit.  A beautiful, unexpected fruit that proved to me how much God can use my ordinariness.  My friend called to tell me she was attending church regularly, because she had seen something in my life that she wanted.  I have never “witnessed” to her; she heard my witness in our regular, ordinary conversations.  She is on fire for her new faith and in her first Bible study.

I am so happy for her.  And it has given me indisputable proof that God uses even the most mundane moments to bring about incredible things.

The extraordinary is all around us.  Sometimes it is big, and sometimes it is small.  And often, it is cloaked as a very ordinary thing.

What extraordinary things have you experienced recently?  What extraordinary things is God doing through you and for you?

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