Hey, Amy – how ya doin’ on your goals for the year?

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Back in late December, I posted my goals for this year.  Since we’ve almost got a full six months under our belts, let’s take a look at my progress, shall we?

*  Lose 40 pounds.  (Due date: July 1)
STATUS:  CRASH AND BURN.  This is, like, an entire blog post on its own.

*  Spend 30 minutes every day in prayer and Bible reading.  (Due date: December 31)
STATUS: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.  I am inconsistent.  I have been trying to just work it into my daily schedule.  What I really need to do is just get up a bit earlier in the morning and do it.  This is a challenge, as I detest mornings.  Especially early ones.

*  Potty train Ashley.  (Due date: March 1)
STATUS: SUCCESS!  Okay, so I missed the deadline by about a month.  However, Ashley decided to potty train while we were in Disney World.  Whatever works.  Ashley has been doing great and is pretty much accident free, even at night.  I am doing the dance of the mom who no longer has to buy diapers, pull-ups, or related items.

*  Teach Alissa 50 sight words.  (Due date: August 1)
STATUS: SUCCESS!  Thank you, Chapel Hill Preschool, for reaching my goal for me.   We will continue to do worksheets and read throughout the summer, in prep for Kindergarten.  (Don’t worry; Alissa will not be chained to a desk.  She will have free time.  However, she LIKES the worksheets.  Thinks they’re fun.)

*  Complete a first draft of my novel, Summer of Mercy.  (Due date: October 31)
STATUS: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.  I have worked on it.  Some.  And I took a fiction writing class this spring, which simultaneously imparted good information while making me want to poke myself in the eye with something sharp.  (Figure that out.)  I just need to park myself in the desk chair and write.

*  Sell 50 online articles.  (Due date: December 31)
STATUS: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.  I have sold 5 so far.  Not really on track to hit my goal.  Again, butt, meet chair.

*  Sell 5 magazine articles.  (Due date: October 1)
STATUS: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.  I have sold 1 this year.  See the comment above.

*  Pay off 1/2 of remaining student loan balance.  (Due date: December 15)
STATUS: DOING OKAY.  I am chipping away at this.  The student loans are from grad school and I just want to get rid of them.  I am tired of having them hanging over our heads.   Right now I am on track to meet this goal.


*  Read 24 books this year.  (Due date: December 31)
STATUS: ON TRACK.  I have read about 14 books so far: some good, some bad, and some just *meh*.

So far I would rate myself as a very solid 5, on a success scale of 1-10.  I have crashed and burned on some things, while others are still a work in progress.

There have been some unexpected things crop up this year, things I never could have foreseen when setting my goals in December.  Things like:

*I led a Bible study in the spring and I am leading one again this summer.

*We went to Disney World.

*We sold a house.  And bought a house.  And soon I can add “moved into a new house” as a success for the year.

*Added a third 1/2 day at my job, where I am taking on more responsibility and enjoying the challenge of learning more about the business.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with how things are going this year.  I know I need work in some areas, but I am keeping my motto for the year in mind:

Progress Not Perfection

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