Training’s not going quite like I had planned.

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One of my goals for the year is to run a half-marathon.  So on February 2nd, I hit “submit” on my registration for the Prairie Fire Half Marathon, scheduled for May 5th.   I had already started training; the weekend before, in fact, I had done five miles.  My training plan was set and calendared.  I was confident, I was determined, I was going to DO THIS.

On February 8th, I fell down the stairs.

And it wasn’t some minor stumble, where I caught my toe and righted myself just in time.  No, I completely missed the step and – wheeeee! – flew right past it, directly onto the garage floor.

I fell with all the grace and velocity of a baby rhino learning to walk.

Immediate pain, fire, and brimstone began to pulsate through my right ankle.  This is what I get for attempting to talk and walk down the stairs at the same time.  I know what my capabilities are, and evidently accomplishing those two minor tasks simultaneously are not among them.

Oh, and these were my in-laws’ stairs I fell down.  Alissa was staying with my mother-in-law for the morning, because school was out for parent-teacher conferences.  I had merely run by to pick Alissa up from school; we were leaving the house to get Ashley from her school.

All I had to do was navigate three steps out from the house to the garage.

As I lay on the garage floor, assessing the damage and thinking about how I REALLY needed to get my work pants dry cleaned now, my mother-in-law went in to call Brad.  He would come get me and take me to the doctor.  Meanwhile, she would collect Ashley from school for me.

I managed to crawl into the house and drag myself to the couch, convinced I had broken something.

Turns out, nothing was broken.  Just a mild sprain.  The swelling subsided after a week.  The bruising is finally starting to fade.

The half-marathon training, however, has been nagging at me.  It’s been two weeks since my little accident, and I haven’t run a step.  I needed to get back out there, take my ankle for a spin.

I told Brad I was going to run.  “I think you should wait another week,” he said.  I told my sister-in-law I needed to get back out there.  “Maybe you should give it more time,” she suggested.

“Pish,” I sniffed.  “Posh,” I scoffed.  I’m made of stronger stuff than this.  I need to get back to training.

Yesterday I hit the track at the Y.

After 1.5 miles of WALKING, I had to admit:

It was too soon.

Pain was radiating across the top of my foot and into the bottom of my leg.  I resorted to the bicycle, where I seethed.  Anger fueled my 30-minute ride.

I was angry at myself for my carelessness.  For not paying attention.

I was angry at the situation.  Here I had finally committed to doing this, and I’m sidelined with injury.  I was angry that I spent $53 and I’m not sure I’ll be ready for this event.

Sure, I still have 2+ months to train.  Sure, I can always stop and walk if I need to.  Thing is, my confidence level was high before because I was allowing myself plenty of time for training.  As a fluffy non-runner, lots of training time was very important to me.

Still, frustration was creating anger in me.  I was letting my circumstances dictate my attitude.

In the middle of the night, as I tried to go back to sleep after getting up with Ashley, I realized something: I was putting too much pressure on myself.

As usual.

Running a half-marathon is a great goal.  But it shouldn’t be stressing me out.  It’s not like this is the ONLY ONE I’ll ever have the chance to do.  And I *can* always walk part of it and I *DO* still have 10 weeks to train.

In the middle of the night, I decided to start dictating my attitude.  I’m not going to let my little date with gravity drag me down.

Cheers to everyone who is out running this morning.  I’ll be joining you soon.

may not be there yet



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