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Update your wardrobe with some new jewelry

hostessphotoI love promoting my friends’ businesses.  There is something dynamic about supporting local small business, especially those run by other women.

My friend Natalie Woolsoncroft recently became a Premier Designs jewelry consultant.  For those of you who like Premier Designs, new books with new designs are coming out in July & August.  Natalie would love to book a show with you!  Hostesses get great benefits.  To book a show, contact Natalie by email.


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Get your green on!

A former coworker of mine has started a really cool web store called  At the beginning of the year, Christie Harris resolved to “go green,” and started focusing on ways that she could be more environmentally conscientious.  One of the first things she did was try to find cute reusable totes, but she couldn’t find anything she really liked.

That led her to design and create her own eco-friendly line of totes.  Christie sells the bags on her website, and also includes links to other websites promoting eco-awareness.  Get your bag today by visiting her site at


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Product review: New Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm with Sunscreen

lipbalm_heroI’m really digging on the new Tinted Lip Balm with Sunscreen from Mary Kay.

It comes in 5 colors, and the formulation is super moisturizing without being goopy or sticky.  Many tinted lip balms have too little color; these have more color than usual but are still light going on.  I tried the color “Blush,” which simply enhanced the natural color of my lips.

To view the other colors, click here.  If you’re interested in ordering, you can contact me!

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Great product recommendation: Vantex by Fashion Fair

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with fairly  good skin.  While I had the occasional pimple or two, my teenage years were not plagued by acne.  I attribute this blessing to good genes and a skincare regimen that started when I was only fourteen or fifteen.

In my 30’s, however, I started developing brown patches on my face, especially on my cheekbones.  I think it’s from a combation of things.  The first contributing factor was pregnancy.  Evidently many women experience the phenomenon of dark patches that appear when they are pregnant, brought on by hormones.  The brown spots made their first appearance with Alissa and have gotten worse through this second pregnancy. 

The second contributing factor can probably be traced back to my job as a teenager: lifeguard.  I spent three summers baking in the Kansas sun, and I was NOT vigilant about sunscreen.  I haven’t been to a dermatologist as an adult, and I shudder to think what kind of damage he or she might tell me I incurred during those bronzed summers. 

I was looking for a product that might help lighten these brown spots.  There are all sorts of things out there, most of which cost more than $100 for a 3-oz tube.  I may be vain, but I’m also cheap.  I wasn’t about to spend that much money on a product that might or might not work, that might or might not last me a month or so.

I remembered that my friend Cathy had issues with brown spots on her face, and she had mentioned a great product she had discovered.  She told me about a product called Vantex, from a company called Fashion Fair, and it’s sold at Dillards.  It’s $21.00, and you can apply directly under your favorite moisturizer.  Vantex slowly bleaches out your skin for a more uniform appearance.


I have been using Vantex for a little over a week now.  I’m already seeing great results, not just in reduction of the brown spots but also in the overall texture of my skin.  It is already counteracting the redness and uneven tone that I usually have.  I can’t wait to see the results after the recommended three weeks. 

If you’re interested in Vantex, look for it in the cosmetics department at Dillards.  I couldn’t find it on my own, but a very nice lady at the Estee Lauder counter knew where it was and helped me track it down.  One warning that she gave me, and I will pass along to you: make sure you test Vantex on a patch of skin before you smear it over your whole face.  Different people have different reactions to product ingredients, and this product has potent ingredients.  It’s a good idea to test it on the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours before you use it on your whole face.  You’d much rather have an allergic reaction on a small patch on the inside of your wrist instead of all over your face, wouldn’t you?

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Product review: The PedEgg!

I have a confession: I have incredibly ugly feet.

Brad calls them my tangles, short for rectangles.  As used in this sentence: “Keep your nasty tangles off of me.”  They are long, and they are gangly.  My shoe size is technically a 10.5, but shoemakers don’t make 10.5 for women; no, I can either choose from a slightly small size 10, or a slightly large size 11.  To make matters worse, I wear a 10.5 NARROW, which is about as easy to find as BigFoot in the Sedgwick County Zoo.  It doesn’t exist.

So they’re naturally ugly, but I will admit that my lack of upkeep doesn’t do them any favors.  During the summer I am known to spring for the occasional pedicure, if only for one hour twice a month I get to sit with a magazine and let someone else attempt to make my feet attractive.  During the winter months, when my toes don’t see much light of day, I tend to neglect them.

I started hearing about this PedEgg product from a message board I frequent.  My first reaction was that there was no way I was going to take something that strongly resembled a cheese grater to the callouses on my feet.  Then I started thinking about the money I could save during the spring and summer months if I did my own pedicures instead of paying someone to do it for me.  The $10 investment was worth a shot, so I plunged in and bought the PedEgg at my local Walgreens.


And Lord Almighty, does it work.  While it hasn’t made my feet actually attractive – that would not be possible – it does make them bearable to look at.  I don’t use it nearly enough, but when I do use it and follow it up with some nice foot lotion, I feel like I’ve actually taken the time to do a little pampering for myself.  Every woman could use that once in a while.

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