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You got that right.

Today is Alissa’s first day back to preschool.  We got to school a smidgen early, but the drop-off line was already long.

“There are lots of cars in line already, Mommy!” Alissa said.

“Yep,” I replied.  “I guess we all got here a little bit early today.”

In the sweetest voice, Alissa says, “Yeah, I think all the mommies are ready for some time to themselves!!”


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Things my daughter says.

Ashley fell asleep on the way to school, so Alissa had my ear all for herself.  A smattering of her chattering:

“Mommy, what kind of truck do you think that is?”

“I don’t know which one you’re talking about.”

“That one right there, Mommy.  It’s a cement mixer.  They go round and round and round.  Mommy, how many more Wednesdays before Christmas?  I think there’s only three more Wednesdays until Christmas.  I can’t wait for Christmas.  We’ll know it’s Christmas because it’s snowing.  Do you think there will be snow on Christmas, Mommy?”

“There might be, sweetheart.”

“I hope there is.  I love snow.  If it snows, Ashley can wear her snowsuit and I can wear my boots.  But my boots aren’t size 10, Mommy.  And I wear a size 10.  Do they make snow boots in size 10?

<Doesn’t pause or take a breath for an answer>

“I want snow boots that light up.  Ashley has shoes that light up.  I used to have shoes that light up when I was 3.  But I don’t have any now that I’m 4.  Do they make shoes that light up in size 10?”

“I’m sure they do.”

“We need to go to Payless and get some light up shoes in size 10.  Then I can play in the dark and you can always know where I am.  But I won’t go out by myself because I might get scared.  Would you come out with me?”


“That’s good.  Ashley will probably want to come out, too.  Because she likes to go outside.  But I don’t want her to be scared, so you can keep her from getting scared.  Oooh, look, there’s my school.  What do you think we’ll do for craft time today?  I bet we do something for Christmas.  Hey, Mommy, look, they changed that sign.  That’s cool.”

Is it any wonder that I’m exhausted at the end of the day?

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Things My Daughter Says


“Mommy, we need to go to Disney World.  That’s where the magic begins.”


“I love macaroni pizza.  It’s my favorite.”
“You mean pepperoni pizza, ‘Liss?”
“Oh, yeah, pepperoni pizza.”


“Mommy, it’s a good thing you have me.  I speak Ashley’s language and you might not understand her without me around.”


“I wish I could go to school every day.  It’s so much funner than home.”

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Things My Daughter Says

I was vacuuming.  Alissa came up and asked,

“Mommy, are you using Resolve?  Because a Resolve Clean is extreme clean.”

And then she turned on her heel and went back to her room.

No more TV for that girl.  She’s like a one-woman advertising campaign.

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Things My Daughter Says

Alissa:  “Mommy, you don’t have any games on your phone like Daddy does.”

Me:  “No, I don’t.”

Alissa:  “That’s okay, Mommy, I still love you anyway.”

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Things my daughter says

“Mommy, what’s an elemeno?”

“An ele…what did you say?”

“An elemeno.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, sweetheart.”

“You know, an elemeno.  Like in the ABC song.  Elemeno P…”

“OOOHHHHH, I understand.  It’s not a word.  It’s the letters.  L, M, N, O…”

<Major giggling>  “I thought it was a WORD!!  Mommy, that’s so silly.”

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Things my daughter says.

Alissa’s been mangling song lyrics again.

The song is Jesus Loves the Little Children.  Second verse goes:

Jesus died for all the children, all the children of the world…

We were listening to this song in the car yesterday, when suddenly Alissa says, “Mommy, why did Jesus diaper all the children?  That’s a lot of diapers!!”

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