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The one where Amy interviews herself for lack of better material

So I’ve been getting some questions from readers, and thought I’d address them in one big Q&A format blog, because – yes, I am that important in my own mind. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Just for giggles I’ll write this blog entry in interview form, although I admit that it’s kinda weird I’m interviewing…myself.

Q: How’s the sleeping going at your house? Are the kids sleeping better?

A: ¬† Obviously, you haven’t seen me lately. ¬†The dark circles under my eyes now have their own dark circles. ¬†We had a night about a week ago that both kids slept through the night, nary a peep from either of them. ¬†I got my hopes up that we had turned a corner. ¬†Sadly, my hopes have been cruelly dashed every night since. ¬†Last night I think I saw every hour between 11 and 7. ¬†One had to potty, the other had a leaky diaper. ¬†One had a bad dream, the other just started crying for no apparent reason than to make me crazy. ¬†It’s taking its toll.

Q: How’s the diet going? ¬†Have you completely given up sugar?

A:  Has Lindsay Lohan given up crack?

Q: ¬†So it’s not going well?

A:  Negative, ghost rider.  I do well for about a day.  Then we have an absolutely HORRIBLE night and that little reservoir of willpower and resolve is completely depleted by exhaustion.

Q:  What about the Diet Coke addiction?  Are you still off the wagon?

A: ¬†I don’t want to talk about it.

Q:  What about your daily prayer time?  Are you sticking with that?

A:  I do okay about two days out of three.  I have been struggling with getting an hour in, so I backed it up to 30 minutes and that seems to help.  I think God understands that I need extra sleepy time right now.

Q:  Okay, last question.  Your Facebook friends are all asking: what IS the secret to a high score in Bejeweled Blitz?

A: 1) Play an insane and somewhat unhealthy amount of games. ¬†2) Move as fast as you can. ¬†3) Use three boosts at one time. ¬†4) Get as many multipliers as you can. ¬†That’s about the best that I can explain it.


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Shoe shopping: the bane of my existence.

Dear Shoe Designers,

Can we have a word?

WHY – in the name of amazon-type shoe-wearing women everywhere – has the shoe industry deemed it unnecessary to produce a size 10.5 women’s shoe?

I used to be a perfect 10. ¬† My foot was still long and gangly but at least it fit somewhere. ¬†And then I had Alissa and then things all over my body expanded, including my feet. ¬† Now I can’t squeeze them into the cute black-and-white Ann Taylor slingbacks I scored ON SALE sometime ago. ¬†And that makes me very, very sad.

Did you all get together and just decide that us 10.5 girls would have to just suck it up and wear feet-pinching 10’s or uncomfortable-flopping 11’s? ¬†Are we not good enough for a size all our own? ¬†Was there just not enough room in the aisles of the store to fit one more size of shoe?

Could you please consider remedying this situation for me? ¬†I’m sure I’m not the only woman out there who’s looking for the perfect pair of gray suede boots for fall in a size 10.5.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must contact clothing manufacturers to explain why designing an entire fall line of tops that look like maternity clothes is not a good idea.


A concerned, too-tight-shoe wearing citizen.

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Get a headstart on your Christmas shopping!

My friend Natalie – Premier Design Jewelry Consultant extraordinaire – is having some fabulous deals this month!

Here’s the scoop:

Host a party and get a $50 bonus!¬† This is in addition to the already great hostess benefits.*¬† Party must be booked by the end of September to earn the bonus.¬† The party can be a girls’ night out, an open house, or even a book party.¬† Simply pass a catalog around to friends and take advantage of the benefits!
*Hostesses average $250 in free jewelry.

Also in September – buy any RED necklace, and get the earrings for 20% off.

Refer a friend anytime, and receive a $25 referral bonus!

Maybe you could buy me something pretty for Christmas.  I like this:

Natalie has also teamed up with a local Miche bag consultant.¬† In case you haven’t seen them, Miche bags are cute, interchangeable bags.¬† Basically, you buy a base bag, which holds all of your stuff.¬† Simply put the base bag in a shell, and you’re good to go!¬† Talk about easy.¬† Right now, you can book a “Jewelry and Bag” open house.¬† Get great deals on all your accessories!

These are great for fall:

Contact Natalie by email to book your party today!

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Self portrait by Alissa

Downloaded some pics on my camera today, and discovered this montage of Alissa taking pictures of her favorite subject: herself.

Someone really needs to help her find her best side.  This angle just adds chins; all the supermodels know that.

Nice set of chompers you have there.

Fish face.  Glub, glub.

It’s not a complete montage without a shot up the nostrils.

Almost there…

Finally – CHEEEEEEZ!

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Painted face girl

We took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday, and hit the Old Town Farmer’s Market. ¬†The highlight of Alissa’s day was getting her face painted. ¬†In case you can’t tell, she’s a butterfly. ¬†Pink and purple, of course, for in Alissa’s world there aren’t any other colors.

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Just in case Disney execs were worried.

Dear Disney Merchandising Team,

I just wanted to let you know that your marketing & licensing strategy is working.  Your princess line, in particular, has been rather well received in my house.  As of this morning, we have these items in our house:

1.¬† Princess bedding. This is Ashley, enjoying a stolen moment on Alissa’s bed.¬† She is reading – you guessed it – a princess book.¬† Not pictured: princess pajamas.

2.  Princess table and chairs.

3.  With a matching toy bin.

4.  1 Command Hook.  With princesses.

5.  And a backpack to hang on aforementioned hook, of course.

But wait, there’s more!!

6.  All the little princesses.

7.  And the full-sized costumes, in which to play with our little princesses.

9. Obviously, if we’re dressed as princesses, we need a castle to go to.¬† Otherwise we’d be all dressed up and nowhere to go.

10.  The swimsuit is too small now, but it fit at the beginning of summer.

11.  We can sit in our princess chair when playing outside.

12.  We have our princess phone handy, just in case Snow White tries to call.

You thought I was done, didn’t you?¬† Oh, no, there’s definitely more.

13.  What would bathtime be without our Ariel castle to play with?

14.  And getting clean is more fun with princess bath soap.

15.¬† Finally, the rest of our hygiene just wouldn’t be the same without the rest of our princess products.

Just in case you were worried about your profits, Disney, rest assured that our household is doing its part to keep you afloat.

September 3, 2010 at 10:26 am 6 comments

And we’re back!

You may have noticed that I’ve taken a short hiatus from Blankies & Booboos.  It’s partly been because I’ve been working on some things “behind the scenes” with the blog.  

But I’ll be honest – part of the reason that I’ve been gone is because my brain has been on meltdown the past few weeks.  This heat has taken a toll.  Kansas (the entire midwest, really) has experienced a record-setting heat wave over the past few weeks.  My girls and I have been hunkered down, just waiting for it to get cooler.  Hopefully lower temps are in store for us soon! 

But I’m back to the blog, and hope to bring you some fun things soon!  Stay tuned! 

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